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Now, Toronto Maple Leaf fans, we’ve been waiting for 54 years. And that, I assure you without malice, is a very long time—a sizeable chunk of anyone’s time on this globe. But that’s the official updated time measurement since the Leafs last won a Stanley Cup championship. Let’s just call it two generations and be […]

The difference between the “almost right word” and the “right word” is really a large matter. It’s especially true when writing is your profession and passion. I can’t, however, take credit for piecing together those 16 words. That advice came from 19th century American writer and humorist Mark Twain, creator of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry […]

I think I’ve always been inspired by expressions of love, of life, of things we’ve achieved and savoured in this world. But it seems to come with aging. The older you get, the more you appreciate the experiences you’ve had. It’s happening to me more frequently, often when I’m not expecting it. The other day, […]

I’m beginning this week’s column with some friendly advice: Embrace the 1,000 words with a wee bit of caution. Alright, the more caution, the better. My observations are expressed — free of charge, of course — with excessive optimism by an old soul who has been a card-carrying Toronto Maple Leafs fanatic for 74 years. […]

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Take it from me — one of the benefits of a lifetime in journalism is the fun and excitement you experience along the way. For that, I’m forever grateful. In how many occupations do you get to meet Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip — not once, but twice in a few days? Or meet and […]

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I vowed I would never allow myself to discuss Donald Trump in my column – or anywhere else for that matter. Even if he does own a bunch of golf courses. But now that he’s messing around in the sports world, like he’s been messing around in just about everything else, I can’t help myself. […]