To the Editor;

The “mill” is again in the news regarding a multimillion dollar transformation plan that promises better air and water quality with no waste water to be discharged by pipeline into Northumberland Strait.

The proposal also includes discharge of an improved quality of waste water into Pictou Harbour where I believe survey work has started again. Lots of discussions ahead regarding the improved quality of the air and water, and I will be interested in how water discharged into Pictou Harbour isn’t eventually wastewater discharged into Northumberland Strait without using a pipeline. The wastewater still gets to the lobster grounds.

Wastewater discharged into Pictou Harbour may also have a very negative impact on the Pictou waterfront as well as all the properties and beaches bordering the harbour.

Has a “zero” wastewater effluent mill been explored in preparing the new reopening plan and if so is it just not technically feasible or not economic? If it is the latter it is a matter of money so the cost is perhaps the price of doing business, i.e. reopening the mill.

Rod Desborough