To the Editor;

Dear Premier Iain Rankin,

I am writing you regarding what is called Phase 5 in the document titled “Reopening Safely With COVID 19.” I know that I am not the only person who feels 100 per cent ready and safe, to completely reopen going back to the rights and freedoms I enjoyed prior to the restrictive measures that have been implemented for over a year now.

I find Phase 5 to be extremely vague, when compared with every other phase of the reopening plan. It does not appear that the plan is to return to the rights and freedoms that I enjoyed previously. Therefore I think the document should not have ‘reopening’ in its title. Instead it should be clearly stated what the intention is for our future. I’m guessing a more appropriate title would be “Stay Safe, by accepting our never-ending restrictions for COVID-19.”

Considering that an election has been called and we will only enter Phase 5 after the election has been decided, please offer more details of what Phase 5 will entail.

Renee Martel