To the Editor;

How many people have thought about where our food actually comes from? What do all the creatures of the world eat?

It all comes from the green world; plants and there are so many different ones. Those who eat meat and fish—what did these creatures eat to become food for the next animal up the food chain? It is past time that we all work together to retain and protect mother earth; there is only one.

Man has damaged so much of the Earth with pollution and clearing. We must take care of our land, sea (water) and air for those who come after us. There is no such thing as ‘throwing away’ what we call garbage. These items are only relocated or change form; they do not magically disappear.

Growing up on a farm has made me more aware of creation and all the glory and magic it holds. We all need food to be sustained. Why not try to support local or Canadian as much as possible? How many actually read labels to find out where the food we consume comes from and what is in it?

There seems to be more people gardening and planting due to COVID. This is evident because many have found some seeds were in short supply from retailers. I think every child needs to plant and grow things to have a better understanding of where food comes from. Plants or seed can be grown in containers out on a deck or almost anywhere. You do not have to go big, even one pot with a tomato plant is enough to watch the plant grow and to see the fruit progress to harvest. Children who do not like vegetables often think differently when they have been part of the growing, harvesting and preparation of them for a meal. For me there is nothing like pulling a young carrot from the ground, wiping it on the grass or your pants and crunching into it.

We have sources of local food so why not check out the farmers’ market or one of the local roadside stands. You may want to think about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for next year, which is a production and marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance (early spring). When harvest time comes, you place an order and have freshly harvest veggies that you already purchased. What you have are local eaters buying vegetables from their local farmers growing food for their community; an important endeavor. Some also grow flowers so why not think about beautiful farm fresh flowers to brighten your home? We enjoy our weekly fresh small farm bouquet on our dinner table.

There are choices here in Pictou County for CSA: Small Holdings Farm in Scotsburn, as well as Way to Go Gardens in Ardness.

People who have their own bountiful gardens can preserve their harvest for the winter or share with others. I know my small deck tomato garden when in high production will be shared with some of our neighbours. Check out some of the fresh local grown items while they are readily available.

Real food.

Brenda Sterling-Goodwin

New Glasgow