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A lot of Pictou County thoughts were flowing through my mind on election night as I watched Tim Houston climbing closer and closer to becoming Nova Scotia’s next premier.

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People are living longer than ever in history and life expectancy keeps improving, better in some countries than others, but better worldwide. Life expectancy has doubled in the last century. That’s great if you remain healthy.

Now, Toronto Maple Leaf fans, we’ve been waiting for 54 years. And that, I assure you without malice, is a very long time—a sizeable chunk of anyone’s time on this globe. But that’s the official updated time measurement since the Leafs last won a Stanley Cup championship. Let’s just call it two generations and be […]

By Dr. T. Jock Murray and Janet MurrayFor the Advocate “A Garden is a lovesome thing, God wot!” Thomas Edward Brown, 1850-1897 Interest in gardening has increased during the pandemic as people feeling confined can still dig in their yards and grow plants on their decks and windowsills. It brings them out in the fresh […]

By Dr. T. Jock Murray and Janet Murray For the Advocate “What time is it? I have no idea what time it is.” “What day is it?” These are questions that are increasingly heard during the pandemic when every day seems the same and the usual time anchors in the day aren’t there anymore. We […]

To the Editor: Now that Lyme Awareness Month is winding down, I encourage everyone to be aware year-round. I hope most of you by now have the tools to try and avoid tick bites, not only for you but your family and your fur family members. If you have a tick bite or just want […]

To the Editor: We are now more than half way through May, also known as Lyme Disease Awareness Month, as the third wave of COVID-19 rages on. We continue to have hope that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel while still trying to spread awareness about another epidemic/pandemic threatening our health. […]

To the Editor: I must confess to receiving a large dollop of joy along with the receipt of my “Advocate” each week. I really do. So much so, that I ended up shouting the last few Gaelic swear words I still know at those “others” who seem not to realize the real consequences of their […]

To the Editor: Lyme disease can be very difficult to treat once it is well established in the body. It is essential to try to treat early with the hope of eradicating the infection as it has the ability to hide in the body. Lyme disease is a multi-system disorder; it can affect every organ/system […]

… and Canada needs new weapons to fight back By John Hinds News Media Canada In public policy terms, it’s called “generals fighting the last war.” It’s the doomed — if entirely understandable — default tactic of using the same strategies and weapons that won previous battles in an entirely new setting against a new […]

To the Editor: With COVID-19, Pictou County Volunteer Ground Search And Rescue like many non-profit volunteer entities, has had difficulty in raising money. We have a spring fundraising campaign, for ‘Lobster and Lotto Tickets’ and we are selling tickets. The high point of the campaign was to be a weekend event at our local Walmart, […]

Open letter to Premier Iain Rankin: The situation in Nova Scotia changed drastically overnight. No one could have seen it coming. Our industry does not disagree with the shutdown; in fact we completely support the measures taken. We cannot, however, underestimate the impact of this lockdown on small business, especially given how challenging this year […]

Canadian Supreme Court decision will have effects on many Indigenous people now living in America By Hugh Akagi It’s not often that a Supreme Court of Canada ruling affects you, your neighbours, and your family. But that’s the case (last) week. The court has ruled that a man living in Washington State can exercise his […]

To the Editor: There are several types of bacteria and they can take different forms and each type can behave differently. There are different shapes — 1) the spherical (cocci) which is ball shaped, 2) rod shaped (bacilli) which looks like a thin rod as well as 3) slightly curved rod shaped like a comma […]

To the Editor: Over the past few years I have written several times to Pictou’s Town Council concerning the hiring processes they practise for employment opportunities with the Town of Pictou. One must remember these positions are funded by public tax dollars. As such, I firmly believe that all such positions should be filled through […]

To the Editor: Reading in last week’s Advocate about using waste sawmill wood to generate electric energy and district (community) heating I am reminded that I should report on my last winter’s sawmill work. Last year there was considerable discussion as to how much of a log ended up as waste wood after the lumber […]

To the Editor: We are about to start another month as the COVID pandemic rages. However, there is another epidemic/pandemic lurking in the background — Lyme disease. Once again, during Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Lyme advocates are trying to increase awareness of this vector-borne disease. Although May is when there is the most awareness, ticks […]

To the Editor: The ticks are out and about so when in the outdoors be sure to be aware and protect yourself and your family, including your fur family. Be sure to contact your local veterinarian regarding your pets. It is advised to dress properly with long pants tucked into your socks and full shoes. […]

To the Editor: For more than 70 years, the Canadian Cancer Society has celebrated the Daffodil Campaign in April. The daffodil is resilient, it is the first flower to bloom in the spring and for those living with cancer, it is a symbol of strength, courage and hope. As we begin to emerge from a […]

To the Editor: We’re starting to hear the phrase “climate emergency” so much that it’s tempting to tune it out. I urge your readers not to. Scientists are sounding the alarm, young people are sounding the alarm and — whether it’s deadly heat waves, record-breaking wildfires or terrifying storms — our planet is sounding the […]

To the Editor: It is very troubling to read in last week’s Advocate that the Pictou Lobster Carnival may be held this year on July 9th to 11th. The committee has failed to take in to account that there are Pictou residents, including many seniors, that may not want a Carnival held during a pandemic. […]

To the Editor: Bill 4, The Biodiversity Act, has become controversial across this province and that is very unfortunate. Biodiversity, itself, is like motherhood and apple pie, very few thinking people are against biodiversity. Some of the biggest allies of biodiversity, I believe, are farmers and woodlot owners — not only because their living is […]

By Heather Brimicombe For The Advocate Over the past seven years at The Advocate I’ve been what we jokingly refer to as the office guinea pig. I’ve flown in Second World War-era plans, spent the day at sea with the Coast Guard, driven in a tank, run over lobster crates  and put things like my […]

To the Editor: There is a lot of division and fear mongering going on right now around the Liberal government’s Biodiversity Act being promoted by Forest NS through a made up group called the Concerned Private Landowner Coalition. A full page ad in the Chronicle Herald on Saturday, March 13 says this new legislation will […]

To the Editor: Northern Pulp’s efforts to turn the company’s failure to move ahead with cleanup of sludge from the Boat Harbour effluent treatment basins into a good news story is pathetic. (Press release, March 23, PA, online) Northern Pulp says they are pleased to work with NS Lands. I guess they would be, if […]

To the Editor: We are all anticipating better weather with the coming April showers and, as the rhyme goes, they bring May flowers — but also hungry nymph ticks. It is useful to have some knowledge of the tick life cycle. The black legged tick Ixodes scapularisis a three-host tick with each mobile stage feeding […]

To the Editor: Do Black Lives Matter in Nova Scotia? What will it take for Black Lives to Matter in Nova Scotia? The African Nova Scotian Decade for People of African Descent Coalition, representing African Nova Scotian organizations across the province, joins the many concerned citizens who are calling for the sentencing of Shawn Wade […]

To the Editor: Despite flowery language from Pope Francis during the past few years, in an attempt to lure LGBTQ+ members into their fold, the reality is quite different, but not really surprising as the Vatican decreed on Monday that same-sex marriages cannot be blessed because, “God does not bless sin.” The Roman Catholic Church […]

To the Editor: It is unfortunate that knowledge regarding Lyme and co-infections is controversial at this time. There are still health care professionals who say ‘no Lyme here’ or will tell you they do not believe in it. There is little knowledge of Lyme and the co-infections ticks can carry. The ones who suffer are […]

To the Editor: I am researching my friend Emma’s family tree. When she did a DNA test, she discovered that she has a lot of matches in Nova Scotia. Her mother was adopted. Using that DNA and her matches, we have traced her grandfather. He was Edward Carson Morrison, b. 1922. His parents were George […]

To the Editor: March is Tick Awareness Month and this awareness program is in its sixth year. This year’s theme is, “Could ticks be there? Be tick aware!” The focus is on the growing geographical distribution of ticks in North America, building on last year’s focus that tick season can be every season. Veterinarians have […]

To the Editor: To the council of the Municipality of Pictou County regarding the proposed wind bylaw: The power production of the existing wind turbines in Pictou County is more than sufficient to provide all the electricity of its inhabitants. The problem is the intermittency of the wind and the storage of the produced electricity. […]

To the Editor: Summer Street is a person-centered organization and it is reflected in everything we do. Our spectrum of services takes into account personal interests and varying degrees of ability and independence. Although programs range from personal care and health to social skills and employment, there is considerable interconnection. On any given day, a […]

To the Editor: A few days ago we read that Bruce Chapman of Northern Pulp leads us to believe he has started some new process regarding the work Northern Pulp is expected to do after his receipt of the instructions from the Province last April. He makes no reference as to what he proposes to […]

To the Editor: To Honorable Minister Jordan & Honorable Chairman & Honorable Ministers of the Standing Committee: My name is John Collins and I am a concerned commercial fisherman in the Northern zone of Nova Scotia. I am not a representative of any organization and simply wanted to point out a few things with regards […]

To the Editor: The year 2020 is winding down and vector borne disease, ie Lyme, has been on the back burner. The only thing on the mind of most everyone is COVID. We hope and pray that this shall pass but we must all do our part and follow the direction we are being given. […]

To the Editor: For the last number of years the Abercrombie Volunteer Fire Department have been providing the seniors in the Abercrombie community with a free Christmas Dinner at the fire hall. This was always a very enjoyable occasion which enabled seniors to get together with their neighbours and have fun while receiving a traditional […]