Fire department theft

East River Valley Fire Department's SUV is shown sitting on blocks after the theft of its rims and tires. (Submitted photo)

Members of the East River Valley Fire Department are dealing with a theft of rims and tires from one of their vehicles.

Chief Kevin Stuart confirmed on Wednesday the overnight incident involving a sports utility vehicle. It’s one of four vehicles department vehicles and is currently sitting on blocks. The others are a utility van, a tanker and a pumper.

“It’s not a very good thing,” Stuart said. “It happened sometime during the night. It’s frustrating. I don’t know how they’ll be able to find that stuff.”

The SUV is parked outside between the main building and a shed. The other vehicles are inside.

Stuart said the SUV is valuable for responding to call not all fire relate. The Blue Mountain Fire Dept. donated it to the ERV department.

“We’ve had it a couple of years,” he said. “We have a lot of back roads; that’s what we use it for. In the wintertime, we have a lot of medical calls.”

Stuart said members of the department were to meet later on Wednesday to examine the matte and plan next steps.