Weeks Crushers are about to begin playoffs.

The Maritime Junior Hockey League (MHL) has announced via a press release the round-robin schedule for the Eastlink South Division, which will run April 14 to 26. The schedule for the round is structured to give teams who finished higher in the regular season, based on point percentage (shown as PCT on the MHL website), an advantage with the opponents in their home games. In addition, the top two teams will start the round-robin with additional points as a reward for their play during the regular season. Yarmouth will be given four points, while Amherst will have two points. 

As announced earlier this month, the round-robin will use the Fred Page Cup point system with regulation wins worth three points, overtime wins worth two points, and an overtime loss worth one point. There will be no shootouts with the round-robin. Overtime following the standard playoff format of five on five play, with a 10-minute overtime at the end of regulation followed by 20-minute periods as needed. At the conclusion of the round-robin, seeding will be set for the Canadian Tire Cup Playoffs. Tie-breakers, should they be needed, will be wins in the round-robin, followed by the head-to-head result in the round-robin.

The full schedule will be posted on the MHL website as soon as game times are finalized.

  • April 14 – Truro at Amherst, Summerside at Pictou County, South Shore at Valley
  • April 16 – Yarmouth at South Shore, Pictou County at Truro, Valley at Summerside
  • April 18 – Yarmouth at Valley, Amherst at Summerside, South Shore at Pictou County
  • April 20 – Pictou County at Yarmouth, South Shore at Amherst, Valley at Truro
  • April 22 – Yarmouth at Summerside, Amherst at Valley, Truro at South Shore
  • April 24 – Truro at Yarmouth, Pictou County at Amherst, Summerside at South Shore
  • April 26 – Amherst at Yarmouth, Summerside at Truro, Valley at Pictou County