Moving your entire home might not be the first thing you would think about doing in the middle of a pandemic but those that have already started the process or just sold their house do not have a lot of choice. This is where HLM Realty has stepped up in the health crisis to help people find the home of their dreams and stay safe doing it.

The local realtors have been stepping up and making sure Pictou County shines on even during tough times.

“We’ve adapted the regulations by the health authority,” said Broker Rod Rafuse of HLM. All the realtors have been diligently disinfecting and making sure they have been taking extra care to inform buyers and sellers to be cautious during viewings.

Rafuse shared that each realtor has been telling each of their clients to thoroughly disinfect the homes before showing and instructing viewers of private showings not to touch anything as they make their way through the property.

“We try and wear masks when we maintain social distancing,” he said about the sales people. “It’s been challenging but were working through it,” he said about the pandemic as a whole.

For the time being HLM has cancelled their open houses and have instead going in favour of private showings or virtual tours for those looking for a home, however before they will let a possible buyer in one of the homes they vet them to make sure they qualify to buy the home as well as making sure they have not been in contact with someone that tested positive for COVID-19 or has travelled out of province.

“The virtual tours are becoming a big part of it,” he said.

With most of the agents working from home with limited visits to the office everyone at the company is taking all the precautions they can to ensure clients and other staff are safe.

All the good work that HLM has been doing to be diligent about their customers safety has not gone unnoticed however as it is appreciated by many especially the family of the agents that have been working so hard. As part of The Advocate’s Shone On competition, HLM was nominated for the prize because of the precautions they have been taking and the great attitude and approach they have had to what is a scary time for many.