Andre Pettipas and The Giants

Andre Pettipas and The Giants, featuring Travis Pettipas, from left, Andre Pettipas, John MacDonald, and Mark S. Cosh. The rock band has had a crazy month so far with a new album release, single release, record label deal, and an original song featured on Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Montreal Canadiens and Tampa Bay Lightning.

(Submitted photo)

It’s been a whirlwind of two weeks for local musicians.

Not only has Andre Pettipas and The Giants released a new album titled No Fools No Fun and a new single, but the four-piece rock band has had an original song played during the Montreal Canadiens’ run for the Stanley Cup and signed on to a record label.

“It’s been absolutely amazing,” said Mark S. Cosh, who was born and raised in Pictou County and plays drums alongside bandmates Andre Pettipas (frontman), Travis Pettipas (bassist) and John MacDonald (guitarist). “Signing with a label—El Mocambo Records—is really showing that there are people out there who have faith in music and faith in us. They see what we’re pushing out, they get that vibe, and they’re pushing back at us. We run things as a family and we like to keep things close-knit. We like to work with people who are genuine and good human beings, and the people at the label are the same way.”

Cosh says he’s been working for the past two years to have the band signed to a record label and the band members couldn’t be happier with El Mocambo Records.

“To be associated with a label like El Mocambo Records is huge,” he said. “They’re a massive part of Canadian music.”

Other artists on the label include Kim Mitchell, 54.40, and Huttch, something Cosh and the others are excited about.

“These are bands we grew up on, so to be in the same space as these other bands is just a blessing.”

The band’s recently-released song, Homesick, has been getting a lot of airplay on radio stations. The song features Christopher Thorn, of Blind Melon, on slide guitar. Their album producer and mixing engineer, Brian Moncarz, heard the song and thought something was missing. So, he reached out to Thorn for assistance.

“It’s pretty amazing considering we all grew up on Blind Melon. We are all massive fans, especially Andre. The first tattoo he got was Blind Melon lyrics.”

The album’s first single, Sympathy Card, debuted in the Top 40 Canada billboard rock chart. John Angus MacDonald, of fellow rock band The Trews, produced and played on the single.

Cosh and Andre Pettipas are “die hard” fans of the Montreal Canadiens NHL team and have been since they were young boys.

So to hear their song Overtime played as the Habs went into overtime in Game 4 against the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Finals was something of a dream.

It was a connection made with Brad Machry of Royalty Gnomes during Nova Scotia Music Week five years ago that lead to the local musicians being featured in the game, which the Habs ultimately won, 3-2.

Machry, says Cosh, helps musicians in a number of ways, including having their songs placed in things such as television shows.

“Andre did a mock up video for Overtime—we thought it would be cool if it was used in a video game or something—and after the Habs made it to the finals, Andre posted it online,” Cosh explained.

Machry saw the post and messaged the band’s social media account, asking them to reach out immediately.

The bandmates learned their song could potentially be used during a Hockey Night in Canada broadcast, however the night it was to air wasn’t a great night for the Habs and the song wasn’t used.

During the next match-up, Cosh didn’t think anything of their song and had been on the edge of his seat when the score was tied at the end of three periods.

“It was the end of the third period and I was able to take another breath,” said Cosh. “When I heard the familiar sound of Overtime, I jumped and started screaming and hollering.”

The men quickly started messaging in their group chat about the song, not able to contain their excitement.

The song’s broadcast happened just days before the band took to the stage at the deCoste Performing Arts Centre for this year’s Pictou Lobster Carnival, and around the same time Andre Pettipas became a Pictou County resident, having moved to Stellarton from Antigonish.