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Alain Bosse: Culinary ambassador

Posted on December 7, 2011 Debbi Harvie

Alain Bosse stands with his daughter, Danielle deCoste, in his newly remodelled kitchen. Bosse is standing with the Taste of Nova Scotia Gary MacDonald Culinary Ambassador Award he was awarded at a luncheon last week. (Harvie photo)

The Kilted Chef is synonymous with exquisite taste and impeccable presentation not only here in Pictou County but around the world.
Alain Bosse, the Kilted Chef, has been associated with Taste of Nova Scotia for approximately 15 years and is passionate about everything culinary.
Because of his work and expertise in the field, Bosse was the very first recipient of the Taste of Nova Scotia Gary MacDonald Culinary Ambassador Award at the Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards luncheon last week.
“I have been in the culinary industry for 30 years promoting all things Nova Scotia,” says the New Brunswick-born chef. “I am completely humbled and honoured to be thought of in this way.”
Bosse explains, “Gary MacDonald was an amazing man, he passed away just under two years ago. He was a no-nonsense culinary fun guy who travelled the world and ended up at Five Fishermen in Halifax. I am extremely honoured to be thought to be in the same category as him.”
The award was a complete surprise to Bosse. “I didn’t know anything about this. It is a special award and it means a whole lot more. It’s very humbling for me because I have never worked for accolades or awards, but it sure is nice when you get them.”
Bosse’s family attended the luncheon with him and as Bosse puts it, “There was not a dry eye at our table.”
The chef admits, “I’ve been a foodie all my life. To quote my daughter: ‘To a fault, always working and never enjoying life.’ But food is my life.”
Bosse began in the food industry at the age of 18 running the food and beverage department in a hotel and has since travelled the world representing Nova Scotia.
“I always take Taste of Nova Scotia products with me when I travel – like Acadian Maple, Margaret’s Pure Honey and VanDyke’s Blueberry Juice,” says Bosse. “And I am very pleased to say that when I travel… I love to promote our little community of Pictou County by wearing a kilt in honour of our settlers.”
In the past year, Bosse has travelled to Switzerland, France and in the US, Louisiana, Miami, Boston and through Canada including the Maritimes.
He also took part in the Right Some Good event in Cape Breton where 10 chefs from around the world were partnered with 10 chefs with Cape Breton roots and 10 culinary students with Cape Breton roots to host 10 culinary events in 10 days.
“It was a lot of fun,” says Bosse. “I’m very lucky to have been able to work with so many great chefs.”
But Bosse loves returning home.
“Nova Scotia is an amazing culinary destination,” he explains. “You get to experience what’s out there, the glitz and glamour of the culinary world, but Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada really offer that at its natural state, very genuine, fresh and clean.”
In fact, Bosse tries to challenge people even from Pictou County to buy locally.
“We have farmers who take pride in what they do. In our back yard we have amazing producers like Harold Ferguson, the Pork Shop who may be the only business in Nova Scotia to produce gluten-free meats and North Nova Seafoods to name just a few,” he says.
These producers have enticed Bosse to create his own honey.
“We have designed our own label for the bottles and our first hive has produced 75 pounds of honey.”
These jars of honey will be sold for charities and organizations as well as given as gifts.
“We do a lot of fun stuff around here, like the edible school yard in Tatamagouche.”
Students at the elementary school planted various gardens and in the fall, Bosse went out and prepared a meal with the students.
He is also planning to have cooking classes in his very own specially designed kitchen.
“I just enjoy life and have a beautiful farm to work on. It’s nice to come home to Pictou County.”

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